Monday, February 4, 2019

Before and After: Red Flower and Butterfly

One of the great things about visiting The Brown Family Environmental Center is seeing the busy bees and the butterflies flying from one flower to the next. I am still working on shooting bees and butterflies and I do at times get lucky at getting a good shoot like this one.

The editing was done using ON1 Photo Raw. I started with a LUTs called Elton followed by a Color Enhancer in which I boosted the reds and oranges with saturation. I boosted them even more with a Color Adjustment and added a slight S-curve with the Curves filter. Then added a Big Softy Vignette with a Light Leak 5 Texture. I applied a Tilt Shift Lens Blur and set at an angle. Finally finished it off with simple Letter Box Black border.

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After editing in ON1 Photo Raw.

Before editing in ON1 Photo Raw.

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