Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Before and After: Bridge of No People

Going back to Schnormeier Gardens, the gardens are opened to the public in June once a year. Because of this and the fact the gardens are popular, a lot of people tend to come and one just seems to be unable to take a photo without people in the shot. In comes Adobe Photoshop and any other photo edited that let's you remove people from your pictures.

Starting in Adobe Lightroom CC, I did some minor adjustments starting with bringing down the Highlights and opening the Shadows. Also, I increased the Clarity and the Vibrance. Moving onto Photoshop, I first removed the people from the picture using Content-Aware and the Clone Tool. Next, I added a Curves adjustment layer to add a vignette. Then a Photo Filter adjustment layer set to Warming Filter (85) to give the photo some warmth. And finally, I added a Levels adjustment layer with a gradient to darken the lake.

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After editing.

Before editing.

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