Thursday, January 31, 2019

Before and After: Underwater Bush

Photographed with my iPhone 6s Plus and edited in ON1 Photo raw 2018 is this cool and interesting shot of the lake at Ariel-Foundation Park. I guess that is a underwater bush. I love how the photo editing came out, it really brought out the detail from the murky water.

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After editing.

Before editing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Migrating from Lightroom to ON1 Photo Raw

I finally did it! I migrated my Adobe Lightroom CC catalog to ON1 Photo Raw 2019 over the weekend. I have always been a user of Lightroom since the beginning, but I have been feeling like I needed more. This is where ON1 Photo raw 2019 comes in. Yes, I can "develop" my photos like Lightroom inside Photo Raw, but I can also go further with Photo Raw. Photo Raw offers Layers and Effects and a Portrait section, things that Lightroom does not offer. I can stay in Photo Raw and add textures and more without having to switch to another application or plugin. These days you need to add a little POP to your photos in this Instagram world where people apply some effect to their photo to make it stand out.

ON1 Photo Raw 2019

But Photo Raw is missing a few things that Lightroom has. One is that in Lightroom, I can upload photos directly to my SmugMug site or upload to Facebook. This of course does require some thinking and additional steps. Photo Raw does lack uploading to web except for Dropbox or GoogleDrive. Also missing, it the ability to import your photos as DNG files, something I been doing for many years. Photo Raw does recognize your DNG files but you can not create DNG files inside Photo Raw. Also, I use Lightroom Mobile to share photos to for example Instagram. ON1 Photo Raw I believe has a mobile app which I have not check out yet, but it requires you to have a storage site like GoogleDrive for which to upload to.

So, how did the migration go? It went pretty smooth but took hours, 8 hours is about right. But I do suggest before using the Migration Tool in Lightroom, prepare your Lightroom catalog first. ON1 has a list of things they suggest you do before proceeding with the migration. Validate DNG files, make sure catalog photos are synced, and so on. I spent roughly two hours preparing my Lightroom catalog for the migration. But, I did have issues the next day. Photo Raw kept crashing but after open a ticket with ON1 support, they emailed me a fix the next day. So far, the crashes seem to have gone away and Photo Raw is now usable. HURRAY!

Bottom line, if you are like me wanting to go beyond Lightroom or are tired of paying a monthly fee, ON1 Photo Raw 2019 might be for you. But while Photo Raw might be a replacement for Lightroom, it is not a replacement for Adobe Photoshop...yet. I do find myself using Photoshop for a few things. If you do not like Photoshop, Photo Raw will work with other photo editors like Affinity Photo. So, ON1 Photo Raw 2019 might be the application to make you take a leap from Lightroom, for me it is!

Starting the migration from Adobe Lightroom CC using the Migration Tool.
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Monday, January 28, 2019

Street Photography: More Christmas Parade

Here is several shots from November 2018 Christmas parade. All edited using ON1 Photo Raw.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Street Photography: Aladdin...had a Ford?!

A little street photography from last year's Christmas Parade and one of participants was the local Aladdin Shriners in their little cars.

Editing was done in ON1 Photo Raw 2019. In Photo Raw, I started with a Color Adjustment using the Fall preset. Next came a Photo Filter using Tobacco color and then a Color Enhancer was applied to warm up the photo. A little High Pass Sharpening was added and a subtle Vignette came next. To finish it off, I applied a Iced LUTs and a black rounded border.

#streetphotography #christmasparade
Mount Vernon, Ohio Christmas parade. November 25, 2018.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Before and After: Into The Park

A before and after from my favorite local city park, Ariel-Foundation Park! The editing was done using ON1 Photo Raw 2018.

#beforeandafter #photoediting #arielfoundationpark
After editing in ON1 Photo Raw 2018.

Before editing in ON1 Photo Raw 2018.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Video: Editing in ON1 Photo Raw 2019

I thought I share a short video editing a photo in ON1 Photo Raw 2019.

The photo was shot at Honey Run Falls outside Millwood, Ohio.

Sorry, there is no audio to this video.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Before and After: 41 Days until Spring!

Okay, I am done with winter! Until spring gets here, I just keep thinking warm thoughts. Here is a before and after from The Brown Family Environmental Center garden to help with those warm thoughts.

#beforeandafter #photoediting #bfec #garden
After editing.

Before editing.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Before and After: Firefighters

For the last three years, the Rastin Challenge has been held at Ariel-Foundation Park in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The event is a challenging physical event with obstacle courses for both law enforcement and firefighters. Part of the firefighters challenge is running up the flights of stairs of the Rastin Observation Tower with full gear.

Here is a shot I edited using ON1 Photo Raw 2018. 

#beforeandafter #photoediting #rastinchallenge #arielfoundationpark
After editing in ON1 Photo Raw 2018.

Before editing in ON1 Photo Raw 2018.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Before and After: Popping Fall Colors

Fall colors around here do not POP like they do in other parts of the United States, so photos are not so colorful. But with a little help, they can be.

With this photo I took at Honey Run Park outside Millwood, Ohio, I used my favorite Photoshop plugin, ON1 Photo Raw 2019. In Photo Raw, I started with a simple vignette and then added a Glow filter. Next, I applied a LUTs called Keen and used the Tone Enhancer filter to brighten the whites and darken the blacks. Then a Photo Filter using the Tobacco color was added, then added a little bit of Dynamic Contrast followed by a Metal Grunge Vignette texture. To make those fall colors pop, I applied a Color Enhancer using the Foliage setting. Finally, I applied a Lens Blur and a simple white rounded border.

#beforeandafter #photoediting #on1photoraw #fallcolors
After photo editing.

Before photo editing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Black and White: Brown Family Environmental Center

Outside of Gambier, Ohio, and campus of Kenyon College, is The Brown Family Environmental Center for education and research pertaining to the environment and nature. At BFEC, there is this nice little building in the gardens. I used the Tonality CK plugin in Adobe Photoshop to convert the photo into black and white and then used applied a Color Lookup called Fall Colors and changed the Opacity to 49%. I believe it came out pretty good!

Btw, Tonality CK is no longer available since Macphun became Skylum and all their attention is now on Luminar. I loved Tonality, it was a great application for just creating black and whites. Sigh.

#blackandwhite #photoediting #bfec #adobephotoshop
Before photo editing.

After photo editing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My SmugMug Site

For those who wish to check out more of my photography, go over to my SmugMug site.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Photo Art: Schnormeier Gardens Red Bridge

One of the beautiful features at Schnormeier Gardens is this Asian style red bridge. While I have photographed it several times, I decided that I would use Corel Painter to convert the photo into a painting, then use ON1 Photo Raw 2019 to do some touching up. Here is the end result.

#photoart #corelpainter #photography #schnormeiergardens #beforeandafter
After using Corel Painter and ON1 Photo Raw 2019.

The original photo I started with.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Before and After: Busy Bee

The Brown Family Environmental Center, located outside Gambier, Ohio, has a nice little garden to visit, especially if you are riding your bike along the Kokosing Gap Trail. Late summer, you can find these busy little guys buzzing around from flower to flower.

#beforeandafter #photoediting #bfec #bee #garden
After editing.

Before editing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Before and After: Twisting Vines

Walking through my favorite local city park, one can find these interesting vines twisting around these trees. I used ON1 Photo Raw for the processing and used the Lens Blur to give it some depth of field look. What do you think?

#beforeandafter #photoediting #on1photoraw
After editing in ON1 Photo Raw.

Before editing in ON1 Photo Raw.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Before and After: Schnormeier Gardens Red Bridge

One of the beautiful scenes at Schnormeier Gardens is this red bridge located along the main lake. It has that asian style that fits in with the asian gardens and structures.

#beforeandafter #photoediting #schnormeiergardens
After editing.

Before editing,

Friday, January 4, 2019

Before and After: Mermaid of the Lake

Another shot from 2018 Schnormeier Gardens near Gambier, Ohio. There is this beautiful statue that sits along the main lake in the gardens, a perfect subject on a summer day. This time I did the majority of the editing using ON1 Photo Raw. In Photo Raw, I started with a simple HDR filter. Next comes a Tone Enhancer filter to add some clarity and bring back some of the whites. I used a Color Enhancer to warm up the photo and add some vibrance. A Photo Filter came next using the Tobacco setting, followed by a Dynamic Contrast filter. Need some texture, so I applied a postcard texture with the Textures filter and a big softy Vignette filter. Then a simple pinline sloppy border was added. While Photo Raw has a healing brush, I prefer the one from Photoshop so I open the photo into Adobe Photoshop and used the healing brush to remove some of the people in the photo near the statue to complete the editing.

#beforeandafter #photoediting #on1photoraw
After editing in ON1 Photo Raw 2019 and Adobe Photoshop.

Before editing in ON1 Photo Raw 2019 and Adobe Photoshop.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Photo Art: Painted Lilies

Once again, trying converting photo into art using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter as well as finishing it off with ON1 Photo Raw. After using Painter's Auto Painting feature to create a painting effect and exported the results out to a jpg file, I brought that photo into Photoshop. In Photoshop, added the original photo on a separate layer and then used a mask to paint the flowers in the photo back into the painting. After merging the two layers into a flatten photo, I opened the photo into ON1 Photo Raw. In Photo Raw, I started with a foliage Color Enhancer filter to bring out the green in the lilies. Contrast was added using the Tone Enhancer and I applied a LUTs called 1975 and a second LUTs called Resolute. Next a Lens Blur was added and a postcard texture using the Textures filter. A big softy Vignette filter and a sloppy border to finish the effect off.

#photoart #photoediting #corelpainter
After editing.

Before editing.